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The International One Design Class was conceived to build, maintain and race a fleet of "One Design Yachts, distinctive in appearance and performance, using one design racing, and especially to develop the competitive capacities of both helmsmen and crews under the fairest and most equal conditions."

The design of the International One Design was inspired by a Six Metre created by the famous Norwegian architect and builder Bjarne Aas, in 1935. Cornelius Shields, Sr., impressed by her beauty and handling qualities, initiated action for an entire Class similar in design and appearance, but with a loftier rig and a short shelter and storage cabin. Aas submitted plans and specifications in 1936 and a syndicate was formed. 

In late 1936, twenty five International One Designs yachts were delivered from Norway and commenced racing on Long Island Sound. Since that time, other fleets have formed in Norway, the UK, Bermuda, Canada, Sweden and the United States.

With 12 fleets in 6 countries and over 150 yachts actively racing, the International One Design is recognized by World Sailing as a registered Class. 

2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the International One Design Class.  In celebration we have a new Anniversary Year Base Logo available for all fleets to use as the core of their event logos. We are arranging an agreement with Team One Newport for supply and distribution of an impressive range of logo embroidered gear for crew wear and regatta sales that will augment the income for all events using the logo. In addition the logo concept expands the range and reach of our class and will stimulate interest in our boats around the globe.

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